Thursday, September 27, 2012

Third Time's A Charm!

Well let me see if I can do it this time.
See I have tried to start a blog before with this being my third time. I am hoping this is the magic number. You ask why would I want to blog? Well you see I am a stay at home mom with lots and lots of things going on and I need a place to share my frustrations, ideas, complaints, and just general day to day ramblings. Some days may seem way boring but trust me with 3 kiddos most days are very adventurous! All 3 kids are in school but I am convinced that doesn't matter and the work never ends! If I were to change anything I don't think I would except for I wish I could be more accountable to be able to work from home. I mean a "real" job. I love graphic design and that is what I have a degree in (along with advertising) and if I could even freelance maybe a job or two a month that would be very satisfying...maybe?
Four weeks ago I had my third surgery on my left arm trying to get my arm to stop hurting, I mean really hurting. I am not real convinced this one worked either but I was told it would take a while. I had frozen shoulder and 2 pinched nerves. Something to do with my bicep too but can't recall at this moment. I have went a year with this pain and it has gotten worse and I still have zero relief. My next appointment is next week and trust me I will be screaming for answers! I am ready to start crafting full time again! It took me way too long to make 2 headband the other night, after all time is money!
I promise all my posts won't be about complaining. I love to cook so you will hear about recipes, cleaning ideas, maybe some will be new maybe not, just in general household tips that I love to share and of course crafts (and Pinterest!!) Every once in a while I may throw in the shameless plug for my Avon business ;)

Please feel free to ask questions and share all you want. I am extremely easy to get along with :)
Hop on and enjoy!

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