Saturday, September 29, 2012

A New Project

I am awful at starting new projects and never finishing them, I mean absolutely horrible! So I decided to make a few things for my cousins upcoming wedding so I have no choice but to finish them right? The first thing I am making is her bouquet she is going to throw. I will be making ribbon roses and felt roses in purples and oranges, if it turns out how I picture it it should turn out pretty neat. I made one for my bouquet to toss back in 1996 out of ribbon roses and it turned out really pretty. I can't wait to share the pictures!
The second thing I am making is a guest book "quilt." I am going to have lots of squares cut out and permanent pens available for the guests to write messages to the couple. After the wedding I will sew the squares together into a quilt. This should be a fabulous project when it is finished. I found the idea on Pinterest
I just love making things for people and wish I could do it more often. Maybe I can get that afghan I started 2 years ago for a wedding gift finished before their 10 year anniversary! Have a happy day!!

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